The office of Ainis Dabols provides a service – training in the use of the Electronic Declaration System (EDS).

The ability to use the EDS will save you a lot of time, for example, not having to wait in queues at government agencies. Moreover, the skill to use EDS will simplify the process of submitting or receiving any document. After the first training you will be able to: obtain statement about your income; understand where and how to look at the information that is in the SRS databases about you; how to submit applications to the SRS; learn how to register changes in your tax book; understand the basics of how to fill out the annual income tax return. Even if you do not have access to your EDS yet, but have a personal Internet bank, a tax consultant will help you to arrange online access.


Electronic Declaration System (EDS)

A tax notice sent by mail may not always reach you, so you run the risk of missing a debt payment deadline or filing any kind of return. Both of these situations can lead to a penalty fee. The exchange of information with the tax authority through the EDS eliminates the risk of losing the tax notification and, accordingly, allows you to receive the most reliable information on time. The myth that “I haven’t received the document so I don’t owe anything” has long been dispelled. For a long time now, Latvian legislation has implemented the rules for receiving notifications. It does not matter if you did not react to the notification of a state institution either on purpose or not, the SRS has conferred authority to collect the tax payable in one way or another. The longer you ignore it, the more you have to pay.

EDS is a multifunctional website that provides a number of possibilities:

  • A reliable and convenient way to file all statutory tax and information returns
  • Submission of applications addressed to the State Revenue Service by natural persons and legal entities
  • Provides such online services as an electronic tax book, government procurement notices and various reports on the data at the disposal of the SRS
  • Make current tax payments and pay off tax debts online
  • The ability to deposit all or part of the accrued savings
  • Make advance payments if at the time of payment, the client has no real tax debts
  • The ability to view payment history and the status of each payment
  • Correspondence with the SRS;
  • The ability to personally receive information about changes in tax legislation


All documents submitted to the EDS have legal force, therefore, in this case, you do not need to additionally submit documents in any other way. All documents submitted by you will always be saved and available in your EDS account. EDS provides automatic verification of the correctness of submitted documents and notifies the client of the results.

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